Information and Communication Technology Services

We will build your network infrastructure that will provide reliable data flow to your end-users anywhere in the world, and at any time. Our consultants are experts in design, building, procurement, and maintenance of network infrastructure to ensure that physical problems are eliminated, and critical operations are unhindered. We will perform functional analysis of existing systems and determine bottlenecks, and even security holes in your network. We specialize in:

  • Data Storage
  • Data Security
  • Information Technology Training
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Technical Support
  • Voice Technology
  • A/V technology
  • Video Security Solutions
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Global Marketplace

For each technical assistance assignment, Oyotex designates a team of consultants who possess the necessary knowledge and skills to address the client’s challenges. They will work side by side with the client to provide the ultimate solutions by observing and evaluating the issues. They will then devise a strategic plan that articulates the scope, delivery, and evaluation of the assistance. Oyotex also conducts site visits to asses an organization’s strengths, areas for improvement, and next steps and generates a report of its findings.

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